Bolshoy Ice Dome

Bolshoy Ice Dome

The Bolshoy Ice Dome is located in the Sochi Coastal Cluster. “Bolshoy” literally means “Major” and “Bolshoy Ice Dome” means a multi-purpose arena which is designed on the bases of image of a frozen drop with a dome over it with 12,000 seats. The ice rink is 30 by 60 metres. This place is also named as the Bolshoi Ice Palace which means “Major Ice Palace”. This venue¬†resemble a Faberg√© egg.

Bolshoy Ice Dome was opened in 2012. It will host some of the Ice Hockey Events at the 2014 Winter Olympics along with Shayba Arena. The venues will be located 300 m apart. It cost about $180.1 million to build the venue, including the temporary works for the Olympics.

This venue will have one the major events of the Games, the ice hockey finals. The traditions of the Russian school of ballet, figure skating, ice hockey and other achievements of the biggest country in the world.

After the Games, the venue will remain as a permanent structure to be a world-class multi-purpose sports and entertainment centre.

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